Galaxy Attack: Classic Shooter Game in Remastered Packaging

Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter is a free-to-play Vertically Scrolling Arcade shooter from veteran video game developer Onesoft. Alien Shooter follows the basic setup seen in classic 90s arcade cabinets. The developers then added a couple of elements common to free-to-play titles like daily rewards, bonuses, etc. Since its inception in 2016, Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter has become one of the most downloaded vertically scrolling games in the free-to-play market amassing over 100 million downloads and millions of 5-star reviews.

Today Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter maintains its reputation as one of the most iconic shooters you can play free of charge. With that said, check out some of the cool features waiting for you in Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter.

Stunning 3D Graphics

Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter employs the latest graphics engine under its hood to make the entire experience as seamless and as fluid as possible. Making it even more immersive is the brilliantly rendered audio and magnificent visual effects that make each playthrough as immersive as it is challenging. Enjoy a brilliant combination of classic and modern attributes only Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter can deliver.

Competitive Multiplayer

One of the modern features in Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter is the competitive multiplayer mode. That’s right! Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter allows you to compete against two other players in real-time, unlike other vertically scrolling shooters that only features co-op mode. Challenge your friends, family, or anyone across the globe in a competitive score-based competition. Dominate the leaderboards and become one of the best pilots in the game.

Hundreds of Challenges to Explore

Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter comes with a huge selection of challenging levels to challenge your space shooting skills. In addition, the game also features epic boss battles that become more and more challenging as you progress further into the game. Prepare to defend earth, travel through the depths of the galaxy, and get ready to defend our planet from invading aliens a the comfort of your PC.

Explosive Power-Ups and Active Skills

Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter is a challenging game that comes with an escalating level of difficulty. The further you progress into the game, the stronger your enemies become. With that said, sometimes the game becomes overwhelmingly challenging which often results in you getting stuck on a specific level. To help you with this dilemma, the game provides you the ability to use active skills in active battles. Taking advantage of power-ups can make or break your game. In addition to the various power-ups, the game also provides you the option to level-up your ship using various materials collected in battles. In other words, you can customize and improve your ship using the spoils of war.

The best Free-to-Play Shooter

Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter is a brilliant vertically-scrolling arcade shooter that hits the right spot when it comes to challenges and visuals. Explore and experience the adrenaline-pumping gameplay of Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter today by downloading or playing the game on your PC!

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