Megapolis: City Building Simulator Urban Strategy Game

Megapolis: city building simulator Urban strategy is a free-to-play game developed by long time management video game developer Social Quantum. Since its inception in 2012, Megapolis: City Building Simulator has become one of the most downloaded titles in the city building/management genre boasting over 50 million installs and over a million 5-star reviews. With that said, let’s take a quick look at some of the brilliant features waiting for you in Megapolis: city building simulator. Urban strategy game for PC.

Stunning Graphics

One of the features that made Megapolis: city building simulator Urban strategy game a hit among the city-building community is the highly detailed structures and monuments in the game. Thanks to the game’s stunning 3D graphics, players can appreciate even the tiniest details in the game. On top of that is the smooth animation of characters, vehicles, and various environmental effects that enhance the game’s realistic features even further. In summary, Megapolis: city building simulator urban strategy game is one of the best looking and the most expansive city-building titles in the free-to-play market to date.

An Ever-Growing Collection of Buildings and Monuments

Megapolis: city building simulator Urban strategy game like most titles in the free-to-play genre is continuously-developing. This means that the game receives a wide variety of contents, activities, and new structures regularly. Create and develop your very own concrete jungle using brilliantly designed skyscrapers, houses, factories, and other essential structures. Choose from a wide variety of buildings and discover new ones from time to time. Show off your creative skills by creating the ultimate metropolis at the comfort of your PC.

Compete in State Contests

Another unique feature found in Megapolis: city building simulator Urban strategy game is the real-time state contests that players can partake into. State Contests is a weekly rank-based competition in the Megapolis community. Participating in the competition gives you the chance to win prestigious awards and valuable resources for your city. Rack up points and climb the leaderboards to become one of the top states in the game.

Research Centers and Military Bases

Megapolis: city building simulator Urban strategy game also allows you to build your own research centers and military bases in the game. Research Centers will serve as your golden ticket in Research Contests when you reach level 34. Military Bases, on the other hand, will allow you to participate in Arms Race for a chance to achieve Megabucks, Building Coupons, and Military Statues. Rewards in Arms Race will depend on the player’s military rank. This means the higher the rank, the more valuable the price.

The Ultimate City Building Game

Megapolis: city building simulator Urban strategy game is hands-down one of the best city-building titles you can play on your PC free of charge. The game’s awesome attributes, stunning visuals, and brilliant rendering make it one of the most immersive if not the most competitive game in the free-to-play building strategy games genre. So what are you waiting for? play or download Megapolis: city building simulator Urban strategy game on your PC today!

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